• Team building archery games - Cup

    Bowfighters Cup

    Bowfighters® Cup is a package built around one principal activity: Bowfighters® Archery Combat Tournament. Other activities include Lucky Shot® Archery Entertainment; Siege the Castle; KanJam Relay. It is best suiting small to mid-sized groups and can be organised in half-day or full-day versions.
  • Bowfighters Game

    Bowfighters Game

    Bowfighters® Archery Combat Game is an extremely popular corporate team-building game. Two teams meet on the arena for a series of archery battles. Each player gets a bow, a mask, and foam-tipped arrows. The interactive game provides excellent opportunity to participate in the archery combat in a safe and fun way. Focused on teamwork and strategy combined with pure, adrenaline-pumping fun, it creates an unforgettable experience!
  • Bowfighters Adventure Island

    Adventure Island

    Adventure Island is the most popular full-day team building for large corporate groups. It is designed to ensure maximum dynamics and minimum waiting time and includes Bowfighters® Archery Paintball; Lucky Shot® Archery Entertainment; Siege the Castle; KanJam Relay; Leaky Pipes; Pump Battle and more.
  • Bowfighters Game

    Fun Volley

    Take your corporate outing to the next level with a fun volley tournament! Fun volley ticks a lot of boxes: excitement, beach and ocean, team work and high emotions, making it an ideal activity for corporate events. Being a non-contact activity, it allows the ladies to participate without fear of being hurt by some over-competitive participants!
  • Amazing Race

    Amazing Race - Mauritius History

    Amazing Race is not just a fun adventure activity. Participants will follow the unique historical path of the Mauritian society and dive into the day to day life of modern Mauritius. Tailor-made scenarios with no limits to your creativity.
  • Bowfighters Game

    Super SUP Race

    A great team building activity at the beach: stand up paddle board race! Fantastic adrenaline pumping competition to be organised on its own, and in combination with other beach games for larger groups (Bowfighters® Tournament, Lucky Shot®, KanJam Relay, Beach Volley, etc). Option: bottle of sparkling wine for the race winners!
  • Siege the Castle

    Siege the Castle

    During this team building activity each team has to build their own ballista ‘catapult’ with the purpose of shooting projectiles at a ‘Castle’ themed target. The group will be given all the materials, then offered to collectively decide on their ballista design, to construct their siege engine, and use it! All under careful supervision of an experienced instructor.
  • DIY Boat Race

    Boat Race

    Enjoy the chance of being at the beach to the full and engage into the Do It Yourself Boat Race! This is a perfect team building program with roles for everyone. Teams have to come up with innovative ideas to build the boat, design visual identity and get ready for the final challenge - Boat Race on the freshly build vessels!
  • KanJam Relay

    KanJam Relay

    This team building activity is based on KanJam - a game for all ages, played with a flying discs and cans. KanJam is all about team dynamic and trust in your team mates.
  • Lucky Shot

    Lucky Shot Archery Range

    Lucky Shot® Archery Entertainment is a team building archery game based on an inflatable archery range with the colourful dancing balls used as targets. It is an excellent introduction to the sport of archery for kids and adults alike.
  • TicTacToe


    This well-known fun activity will shine with new colours in the new large-scale setup. This activity requires logic and quick reaction as well as decent physical form. Main challenge - perform under stress!
  • DIY Formula One

    Formula One

    This activity is ideal for very large groups. Each team is going to built a Formula One racing car based on their unique engineering and design! After finishing the decoration and branding the team has to develop its race tactics and get ready for the Grand Prix Race!
  • Leaky Buckets

    Leaky Buckets

    Do you think it is easy to fill the bucket with water? It is a fun challenge for a united team! Quickly gets very fun and very wet;) Trust, support, leadership and communication is essential for this challenge.
  • KickDarts


    The air-inflated dartboard is covered with Velcro; players will then aim the softballs at the board to hit the highest number. The game is then scored the same as classic darts. This exciting activity targets lovers of both sports to have a really entertaining time.
  • Boomwhacker Rhythm Band

    Boomwhacker Rhythm Band

    Using pitched percussion tubes participants will play basic rhythm games before being split into groups of different musical pitches. Now they must work as a team using communication and listening skills to play together as one big percussive orchestra. Fantastic indoor and outdoor.


We provide diverse venues to host your corporate event all around the Mauritius island.

Nested in the beautiful surrounding of the biggest natural reserve of the island - Domaine de 7 Cascades - this location is the most popular option for full-day team buildings. Rich selection of catering options is available from the authentic local restaurant.

We propose to enjoy your time at the finest Mauritius beaches in the luxury LUX* Resorts in the North and East of the island coupled with exquisite catering and access to Hotel facilities.

Casela Amusement Park is well-known for its unique safari tours. This huge natural reserve on Mauritius West Coast also provides an excellent location for our outdoor team building programs. Exquisite local and international cuisine is made available by Blue Bird Restaurant.

We invite you to organise Corporate Gathering or End of Year Party at five Mauritius hotels of Veranda Resorts and enjoy perfect balance between adrenaline adventures and relaxation.

For sport enthusiasts the Sport Grounds of Northfields School could be an ideal location for half-day event. This location is also popular for kids and adults parties.

We are ready to accompany you on your catamaran cruise to pristine islands surrounding Mauritius or assist you to organise an adventure day on one of the wild beaches of Le Morne.

A great place for a End of Year Party or Corporate Event is an adult-only Mauritius resort Salt of Palmar.

We are happy to organise Bowfighters Team Building Events at the location of your choice: at your company premises or your hotel; at your sport club or football ground near you.
Please contact us to learn our easy-to-follow technical requirements and recommendations to select the optimal event location.


Vanguard Sports Lab is a leading Corporate Team Building and Sport Entertainment provider in Mauritius.
Passionate for teamwork and leadership, our team aim to exceed our clients expectations with creative tailor-made design and professional delivery of all our events. To achieve that we are combining our domaine expertise and passion for sports with your objectives and ideas to deliver a unique and fascinating experience for your team, producing a team bonding event that will be remembered.
We are proud to bring sports closer to people of all ages promoting healthy and active lifestyle, positive energy from social interactions, pure drive and fun!


Your event can take place at our domaine or beach venues, or we can set up the event at your location


Fully customisable scenarios of Bowfighters Team Building Games to suit a group of any size


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“Rigolade et compétition tout y est pour passer un bon moment divertissant et dynamique. Plus on est nombreux mieux c'est. A refaire, on ne s'en lasse pas.”

“An awesome experience to try at least once with your friends. Totally safe and fun, the staffs are here to guide you from the beginning to the end of the game. Would definitely recommend anyone to try even though you never hold a bow before.”


“C'était juste WOW, et les staff étaient vraiment amicale! Franchement un jeu qu'on peut faire plusieurs fois sans se lasser! On va revenir très bientôt, on l'espère!!!! ;)”


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